The ScorePlay API is a REST API accessible through HTTPs. All endpoints return JSON-encoded responses and uses standard HTTP response codes and verbs. This is the basic version of the API, for the full version (including access to matches, teams, rosters, user group management, etc.) please contact your account manager.


ScorePlay supports both API key authentication and OAuth authentication.

API Key Authentication

Authentication to the API is performed via the api_key query parameter. All API requests should be made over HTTPs.

i.e. Base URL


OAuth Authentication

ScorePlay also supports OAuth 2.0 for authentication. OAuth 2.0 is an authorization framework that enables applications to obtain limited access to user accounts on an HTTP service.

Obtaining OAuth 2.0 Tokens

To obtain an OAuth 2.0 token, you must first register your application with ScorePlay to get your client_id and client_secret. Please contact a ScorePlay admin to register your application.

OAuth 2.0 Endpoints


When requesting an access token, you can specify scopes to define the level of access your application needs. The available scopes are: